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Chambers USA Recognizes Covington with 123 Individual, 45 Practice Nods

June 10, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC, June 10, 2011 — Covington & Burling LLP received 123 individual mentions and 45 practice mentions in Chambers USA 2011. The guidebook, which ranks lawyers by state and national practice area, is designed to identify the most skilled legal practitioners based on the qualities most valued by clients.

Here are the Covington lawyers and practices identified in the Chambers USA 2011 guide:

Firm (Nationwide, DC)
Thomas Barnett (DC)
Deborah Garza (DC)
Anita Stork (CA)
Alan Wiseman (DC)

Appellate Law
Firm (Nationwide)
Robert Long (Nationwide)

Firm (DC)
Dennis Auerbach (DC)
Michael Baxter (DC)

Climate Change
Firm (Nationwide)
Rubén Kraiem (Nationwide)

Firm (NY)
Scott Smith (NY)
J. D. Weinberg (NY)

Corporate/M&A and Private Equity
Firm (DC)
Andy Jack (DC)
David Martin (DC)

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Firm (Nationwide, DC)
Amy Moore (DC)
Richard Shea (DC)
John Vine (DC)

Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
Firm (Nationwide)
Bill Massey (Nationwide)

Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)
Firm (Nationwide)
Robert Fleishman (Nationwide)
Bill Massey (Nationwide)

Firm (DC)
Ted Garrett (DC)

ERISA Litigation
Firm (Nationwide)
Jeff Huvelle (Nationwide)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance)
Firm (Nationwide)
Mark Plotkin (Nationwide)
Stuart Stock (Nationwide)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Enforcement & Investigations)
Firm (Nationwide)
Stuart Stock (Nationwide)
Jean Veta (Nationwide)

First Amendment Litigation
Kurt Wimmer (Nationwide)

Food & Beverages: Regulatory & Litigation
Firm (Nationwide)
Clausen Ely (Nationwide)
Jay Friedman (Nationwide)
Peter Hutt (Nationwide)

Government: Government Relations
Firm (Nationwide)
Rod DeArment (Nationwide)
Marty Gold (Nationwide)

Government: Political Law
Robert Kelner (Nationwide)

Healthcare: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Regulatory
Firm (DC)
Scott Cunningham (DC)
Ellen Flannery (DC)
Peter Hutt (DC)
Richard Kingham (DC)
Michael Labson (DC)
Peter Safir (DC)

Insurance: Policyholder
Firm (CA, DC)
Don Brown (CA)
John Buchanan (DC)
Mitchell Dolin (DC)
Anna Engh (DC)
Marialuisa Gallozzi (DC)
Saul Goodman (DC)
David Goodwin (CA)
Bill Greaney (DC)
Larry Hobel (CA)
Georgia Kazakis (DC)
Ben Lenhart (DC)
Bill Skinner (DC)

Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Policyholder
Firm (Nationwide)
Don Brown (Nationwide)
John Buchanan (Nationwide)
Mitchell Dolin (Nationwide)
David Goodwin (Nationwide)
Bill Greaney (Nationwide)
Larry Hobel (Nationwide)
Bill Skinner (Nationwide)

Intellectual Property
Firm (Nationwide, CA, DC)
Rod McKelvie (DC)
George Pappas (DC)
Richard Rainey (DC)

Intellectual Property: Patent
Robert Fram (CA)
Robert Haslam (CA)

International Arbitration
Firm (Nationwide)
Oscar Garibaldi (Nationwide)
Eugene Gulland (Nationwide)

International Trade
Firm (Nationwide)

International Trade: CFIUS Experts
David Fagan (Nationwide)
Mark Plotkin (Nationwide)

International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions
Peter Flanagan (Nationwide)
Peter Trooboff (Nationwide)

International Trade: FCPA Experts
Tom Johnson (Nationwide)

International Trade: Intellectual Property (Section 337)
Firm (Nationwide)
Maureen Browne (Nationwide)
Sturgis Sobin (Nationwide)

International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy
Stuart Eizenstat (Nationwide)
John Veroneau (Nationwide)

Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation
Firm (Nationwide)
Tim Clark (Nationwide)
Loretta Shaw-Lorello (Nationwide)

Life Sciences
Firm (Nationwide, CA)

Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial
John Hurvitz (Nationwide)
Emily Leonard (Nationwide)
Jim Snipes (Nationwide, CA)
Amy Toro (CA)

Life Sciences: Regulatory/Compliance
Richard Kingham (Nationwide)

Firm (DC)

Litigation: General Commercial
John Nields (DC)
Michael Schlanger (DC)
Sonya Winner (CA)

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Firm (NY)
Stephen Anthony (DC)
John Nields (DC)
Alan Vinegrad (NY)

Media & Entertainment
Firm (DC)
Stephen Weiswasser (DC)
Kurt Wimmer (DC)

Media & Entertainment: Mainly Regulatory
Firm (DC)
Mace Rosenstein (DC)
Stephen Weiswasser (DC)

Nigel Howard (Nationwide)

Privacy & Data Security
Firm (Nationwide)
Erin Egan (Nationwide)
David Fagan (Nationwide)
Mark Plotkin (Nationwide)

Products Liability & Mass Torts
Firm (Nationwide)
Mike Brock (Nationwide)
Pat Davies (Nationwide)
Paul Schmidt (Nationwide)
Ted Voorhees (Nationwide)

Real Estate
Bob Gage (DC)
Heather Haberl (DC)

Securities: Regulation
Firm (Nationwide)

Securities: Regulation: Advisory
David Martin (Nationwide)

Securities: Regulation: Enforcement
Bruce Baird (Nationwide)
David Martin (Nationwide)

Sports Law
Firm (Nationwide)
Doug Gibson (Nationwide)
Gregg Levy (Nationwide)
Bruce Wilson (Nationwide)
Peter Zern (Nationwide)

Firm (DC)
Bill Chip (DC)
Rob Culbertson (DC)
Dan Luchsinger (DC)
Bill Paul (DC)
Dirk Suringa
Reeves Westbrook (DC)

Tax: Corporate & Finance
Firm (Nationwide)

Technology & Outsourcing
Firm (NY)
Nigel Howard (NY)

Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite: Finance
Firm (DC)
Mace Rosenstein (DC)
Ralph Voltmer (DC)

Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite: Regulatory
Firm (DC)
Yaron Dori (DC)
Jennifer Johnson (DC)
Mace Rosenstein (DC)
Robert Sherman (DC)

Transportation: Multi-modal
Firm (Nationwide)

Transportation: Rail (for Railroads)
Firm (Nationwide)
Linda Morgan (Nationwide)
Michael Rosenthal (Nationwide)

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